I think all the dead animals that I've been eating during the holidays are starting to stunt my creativity because I can't even think of shit to say right now. My body hates me and I am in desperate need of a vegetable.

On the magical day that we call Christmas, Jesus gave birth to prime rib and mashed potatoes on my families dinner table and it was CRACKIN'. CAN I GET A WITNESS?!

Courtesy of Kirkland Signature and my glorious aunt.

Macaroni salad...holla atcha boy!!! (My cat made this.)

This is either some kind of a center piece or something I neglected to eat called a salad. Either way, its irrelevant but very nice to look me ;)

GARLIC MASHED POTATOES. I shit you not, I actually made this. Like with my own hands and without adult supervision.

CRAB CAKES. Me likey? (Ugh, I can't think good. I just watched 5 minutes of Little Chocolatiers on TLC and 10,000,000 of my brain cells just burst. Out of boredom.

A berry pie from Fat Apples in Berkeley. We made out a little bit and I got it preggers. Yo I'm super, I'll make ya bitch squirm with my SUPAH SPERRM!

My cuddy Amanda made this bombass berry trifle with almonds and booze in it. I got pretty twisted off this cause I believe there was some codeine in the custard. Codeine is hands down, my favorite condiment on the planet and I'm positive Lil' Wayne agrees with me.

Ugh, I'm gonna go cry in the shower and eat leftover ham.


Fatass_friend said…
I tried your dishes and I liked them .....I will recommend to put Patan ghee instead of butter oil... It is healhy and you will love it....

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