McDonalds: 50 Chicken Nuggets for $10?

There is a rumor running rampant around the internet today that McDonald's is offering a deal involving 50 chicken nuggets for $10 in honor of Superbowl weekend. Upon conducting extensive research on the internet, I found a heart wrenching discussion on Yahoo! Answers that intrigued me and made me bleed a little internally. You can see the original post here.

Yahoo! member Franklinanklin posed the question, "I went to McDonalds today and bought 50 chicken mcnuggets. They gave me 45 =(. What to do?"

...Now, I have been short-changed a time or two in my life but this is just ridiculous. But the next best part of this post is the answer that was voted as the best possible response. It was from member, Controlled Enthusiasm?, who responded with: "Cry like a baby..."

I know I don't need to add in my two, worthlessass cents cause Controlled Enthusiasm? took care of that for everyone but I feel like there's a more assertive response. I feel for Franklinanklin because nobody likes to get bamboozled, especially by McDonald's of all goddamn places. I personally would have done a running start from the entrance of the McDonalds, did a front flip onto the counter, projectile barfed up my 45 nuggets, and finish by roundhouse kicking everyone behind the counter in the face. And then for some added flair, I would steal 5 nuggets out the deep fryer and place them in my panties where they belong. But since all that requires stretching and losing about 20 lbs, crying like a baby does seem like the most plausible answer.

So anyways, I made my friend Tassia come with me to McDonalds on our runch break to find out if the 50 nugget deal was real and I guess its not. The 90 year old man that worked there lightweight had an aneurysm when I asked him for 50 nuggets for $10. So we just order 20 instead...weak sauce, I know. So the answer for the McDonald's on Pine and Montgomery in San Francisco is NO.

As Tiny would say, "Yeeeeah baby!" Bless her little treasure troll heart. Anyone know the status of T.I.'s imprisonment? Feel free to fill me in.

Those are not tears, that is drool on my bag.


Lee said…
McDonalds IS selling 50 McNuggets for $10, on Saturday and Sunday only for the Superbowl.
I was in McDonalds yesterday and saw that they had signs plastered everywhere for it.

So no, it wasn't a lie. You just went on the wrong day! :) Or your McDonalds sucks.
Tiffany said…
haha this reminds me of when i go out to fast food places with my mom she alwaaaaaays counts her nuggets and food.. just to make sure LOL
Anonymous said…
My eyes have been opened by recent employment at McDonalds. The answer to why they were shortchanged is that McNuggets come in about a 24-piece bag, and when someone orders McNuggets in 4,6,10, or 50-piece, someone in the back has to grab a scoop and dig into the tray containing 48-some nuggets and divvy out the correct amount into the correspondingly sized box. It is nearly impossible to get that exact number of nuggets into a box during lunch rush without orders piling up faster than they can be completed for about 15 minutes. At McDonalds, they serve what the customer wants/will buy. If the customer wants a 1/2 pound of meat on a burger, they get a double-quarter pounder. They aren't there to make people fat, just not hungry. What the customer orders and THEN CONSUMES is strictly up to them. In fact, we observe a youngster that enters every day to buy food. And pity him.
John Hilston said…
Have seen such kind of deal offered from MC Donald since my childhood.
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Anonymous said…
Perhaps going to kfc, maybe more value. Hahahaha. Just kidding.

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