Rih-Rih is onto something...everything does taste better whipped. If anyone knows where I can find Whipped Lightening in California, let a bitch know because I needed alcoholic whipped cream in my life like yesterday. LEGALIZE IT!!


Went to Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo with my co-workers and it was legit. They only have straight sushi here and none of that weird cream cheese shit, which leads me to believe that this is a dignified institution. If I had things my way, I'd have a gut full of red snapper sashimi and spicy tuna handrolls from Hama at all times.

Mr. Q Cumber cucumber soda from Wurstkuche. I know what you're thinking...why the fuck would I order soda from a place that has 10,000 different beers on tap? I'm not sure, but I am happy I made this mistake because it tasted like fairies were doing pirouettes on my crotch.

Paddy Rice on Melrose is a boughie type pho spot in my neighborhood. Lychee iced tea...fuckwidit.

Usually I don't fuck with pho that isn't prepared in a rusty Vietnamese kitchen sink, but this places claim to fame isn't their's their meatballs in the pho. It's like having a bomb Italian meatball in your pho. Also, try their chicken wings. Fucking amazing.

It's hard to find good coffee in LA. There certainly isn't a shortage of coffee places, but the majority of places don't take pride in the quality of their coffee. Nothin but BAMMER. However, Cafecito Organico> on Heliotrope and Melrose got that artisan coffee roasting on lock. Got a little Cafecito in my system and I was FLYING.

The Carlos Benedict from Madame Matisse in Silverlake. Poached eggs & hollandaise on top of a potato pancake, spinach, smoked salmon, and capers. Whoever the fuck Carlos is, he's a GENIUS. Give a Carlos a raise for crying out loud.

You may remember a few posts back that I was impregnated by Mexican food and it looks as though I've given birth to our love child...his name Birdman Jr. Eleventh Grade. So precious :)


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