GRUB One Out + Lark Cake Shop

It was in 1983 when The Eurythmics first proclaimed, "Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?!" over a synthesized Roman orgy of melodies and moaning. I may or may not have been conceived to this song, but that is neither here nor there. The point is, this song is the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at the pictures I am about to reveal. You should watch this video to prepare yourself for the photographs you are about to witness...

Spinning in circles blindfolded while playing a cello in field of cattle is how I will probably spend my next birthday...that is, if I play my cards right.

NOW you are ready.

BEHOLD...A restaurant called Grub located on what I believe is a soundstage disguised as a house in the middle of Hollywood. You can never be too sure in this town...nothing but smoke and mirrors. (My place is a halfway home disguised as an apartment building.)

BUFFALO CHICKEN MAC AND CHEESE. I don't know what kind of sick bastards dreamed this up, but it is SENSATIONAL. Over the top and inappropriate in every way, but it was the bees knees for about 3 bites and then I cried and shot it out my nose.

My photographer/cousin/date (no incest), Diane ordered this burger. Isn't it pretty? It felt pretty in my mouth!

Libby's Famous Fosse Cookies are chocolate chip cookies, rolled in potato chips. HOOOOOOOTY HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I need to try everything on Grubs menu because they have shit like Crab Cake Burgers, Brie BLT's, and "Crack" Bacon Quesadilla's that cannot go uneaten, YAFEELME?

After my friends and I spent the day getting rained/hailed on and MacGyvering our way into the All Star Game festivities, we walked into Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake soaking wet. Best remedy for a shitty day EVER.

By far, my favorite cupcakes in LA. The Berry Shortcakes are works of art and as the premier bon vivant of baked goods in LA, I am giving these my seal of approval. Silky white cake with a creme patisserie filling, topped with a blanket of whipped cream and fresh berries. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK ME!! Pardon my French.

Sorry if this confused you into being hungry.


Anna said…
Your food photos are amazing! I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile and finally thought I’d say something…. your photography is excellent.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for those great pics! After seeing those, I think this week may not be as bad as I'd originally thought. I def know where i'll be going the next time in LA.
SugarFall LTD said…
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