OHNANAWHASMANAME?? <--- If you haven't seen the new Rihanna video for "What's My Name?", I highly suggest you kill yourself because her nails in that video are arousing and Drake's mathematical talents continue to wow me. "What's the square root of 69? 8 somethin..." He was clearly a janitor at MIT in a past life.

Went to Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills with a ravenous pack of Asians recently because we had a groupon. Low and behold, we were surrounded by our own kind because lets be real-nobody uses groupons except for Asians. I'm sure half my friends were conceived at some kind of coupon clipping orgy in underground opium dens in the 80's. My homie Mimi can show you how to turn a 99 cent Jumbo Jack into a Sourdough Jack by subbing the shit out of it, whilst my other homegirl has a full-on bomb shelter in her garage because her mom is a coupon extraordinaire. Point is, if theres one thing Asians are incredible at, its hustling deals.

More like Fogo De WOW!!!!! Most conflicts in the world could probably be resolved at the table of a Brazilian churrascaria. Free-flowing red meats and caipirinhas lift all human spirits and warm the hearts of everyone-much like MDMA.

Off top-one of the greatest breads I've ever encountered. They have these vivacious little cheese bread puffs that they serve warm and blanketed. Its like biting into a cheesy cloud of carbs...so soft and gentle against the inside of cheeks. Ugh, I need help.

These glorious gentlemen go around with their broadswords of all kinds of meats...filet mignon, sirloin, ribeye, bacon wrapped whats its...you name it, I ate it. I felt like I was surrounded by knights in shining armor, all battling for my affections. Needless to say, I was a huge slut about it cause I went to town on all of their meats.

Ah, the remnants of a Brazilian gangbang.

*As usual, jacked the photos from Diane...she is my unofficial photographer (against her will) because I don't exactly own a camera. Thank god for Facebook.

K2 in Silverlake has pretty notable chicken and waffles. It's no Roscoe's but their fried chicken is honey infused and are served with malted vanilla waffles. Perfect hangover food.

One of my classiest friends and I hit up McDonalds and she brought a fuzzy navel with her. Nothing like washing down a Happy Meal with a fuzzy navel on a hot Fall afternoon in LA.

Went to Vegas AGAIN....hell, its right there. We did it up big with the waffle fries, Rossi, and 4 Lokos...just like a bunch of modern day Bugsy Siegel's.

KENNY FUCKING POWDERS!! Tell me this glass doesn't make you wanna cream your Spanx....

CRAYON SHIN-CHAN...my hero. If you don't know about this, then you should definitely kill yourself. I'm not talking about the shitty English-dubbed one on Cartoon Network either. This little dude makes Dennis the Menace look like a punk.


Noobfoodie said…
i love that waffle, yummy
kaityfresh said…
I absolutely love and adore Fogo de Chao. The one in Chicago is always on my list of places to eat when I have the cash.
It is a meat lover's paradise. And I love meat.
Eating places said…
Your food photos are amazing! I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile and finally thought I’d say something…. your photography is excellent.
Emily said…
Your food photos are amazing! I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile and finally thought I’d say something…. your photography is excellent.

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