"I Left My Hard-On In San Francisco"

I have stolen my cousin, Diane Valera's photographs for my blog before because she is an expert food pornographer and knows how to operate cameras that don't double as phones. I was cyberstalking her on Facebook just now and came across the most magnificent collection of photos that my so-called eyeballs have ever seen. I am hardly ever impressed by photographs not involving food or nudity, so this is kind of an honor.

These are from her photo collection entitled, "I Left My Hard-On in San Francisco."

Pardon me, while I sit in dirty, stanky, rainy LA...in a puddle of tears and blood. I shall console myself by staring at these photos and reveling in the glory of the GIANTS. SANG IT, TIMMY!


Anonymous said…
Let me tell you, your food pics are like porn for a fat kid. I used to live in the Bay Area and those huge burritos are a fond memory.

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