Viet-nom nom's

I've been lagging the past couple weeks with this blogging thing, so MAH BAD! Things have been pretty crazy what with the NBA draft, Twitter (follow me: @melkwon), and my hectic drinking schedule dominating my life. But now that the draft is over and that I've embarrassed myself via Twitter a sufficient amount of times, I think its time to get back on the grind and do what I do best...

So it was my homegirl, Mimi's birthday last week and so we hit up a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley called Anh Hong. I'll admit, the only Vietnamese food that I've really had and violate on a regular basis is pho, so imagine how shocked I was to find out that Vietnamese people made other dishes.

So Anh Hong is known for their "Bo 7 Mon", which means "Seven Courses of Beef." SEVEN COURSES OF BEEF...aslkhdfoikjsf'powjefohdefa'dljb!!!!!!!!!


Anyways, where was I? Yeah, basically they brought out various beef dishes and there are very specific ways to eat every dish because there are so many different components like veggies, wrappers, and sauces that are a part of this meal. Needless to say, I needed a lot of instruction from the Vietnamese folk at the table.

So these are the rice paper wrappers that you wrap everything in. You dip them in water and they get all jelloid, then you wrap shit up in there like a burrito. I unleashed the inner Mexican beast in me when it came time to rolling these bad boys up. I had everyone cheering me on and asking me to roll their beef thangs for them, which got out of hand.

These are some of the veggies you roll in...bean sprouts, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber, mint, lettuce, cilantro. You know, the Vietnamese basics.

This was one of my favorites, the Beef Carpaccio, which are slices of rare beef covered in intercourse sauce.

This is some species of salad that I can't identify for the life of me because I'm vegetably inept. But I can tell you that they are garnished with shrimp chips ;)

These are some beef thangs which I believe are the Beef Lemongrass rolls and Grilled Beef Lot Leaf. DECADENTLY DELICIOUS with a DASH of DONG POWER. A little alliteration for that asssss....

Top rank, point blank, I'm vital...SKILLS!!! Yeah, I wrap.

This is the Vietnamese Crepe, my second favorite. It was filled with shrimp, pork, creamy mung beans, and bean sprouts. You know I fucks with the frieds more than anything worries though, I wrapped it up.

SURF AND TURF, baby! A little shrimp and beef action for ya, a pretty classic combo that made my nether regions jump for joy. I should really ask them if they need someone to re-write their menu for them because I am a straight up wordsmith when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine.

My girl, Jizzo was jocking the shit out of this dish. According to the menu, they are the "Charbroiled Shrimpballs on Sugar Cane." I shit you not, it says that. That just saved me a whole lot of work...apparently, they have their own menu wordsmith.

So BRAVO ANH HONG! I give this place 69 stars for being so goddamn delicious and bringing such unadulterated joy to a young boys heart. Big up's to Vietnam too for all the beefy contributions they make to this scary world, where veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise.


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