I'm gonna be an IFOCE SUPERSTAR!

I just submitted my application to join the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) in hopes of joining the Major League of Eating (MLE).

Check out my application:

Thank You - The following information has been submitted.

Name: Mel

E-Mail: **********

City & State: CA

Phone: ***********

Specialty: tacos and pork buns

Comments: I am an avid and ferocious eater and am greatly feared within my competitive circle. My ambitions include annihilating my competitors, maximizing my consumption capabilities on a daily basis, and to build a legacy that rivals Michael Jordan's.

So I expect to hear from them sometime soon because my application was clearly flawless and I'm sure it blows all other applications out the water. I'M GONNA FUCK BITCHES UP!!

This is a picture of the IFOCE official crest that I plan on tattooing on my throat when they name me MVP in a couple of days.


Anonymous said…
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