Valencia Street: Dosa's and Anthony's Cookies

The Mission district in San Francisco is not only one of my favorite places to get my DRANK and SWAG on but it has also emerged as a great place for me to explore new restaurants. Most recently, I visited two very humpworthy (Fuck you, spell check. Like hell that's not a word.) establishments: Dosa and Anthony's Cookies. Dosa is one of the few South Indian restaurants in the Bay Area and it is the first of its kind in San Francisco. Honestly, I had no idea what to order here because South Indian cuisine is fairly different from the Indian cuisine that I am used to. My band mates and I went here for brunch before hitting up Anthony's Cookies because we thought we should eat a sensible meal before gorging on cookies. I'll admit that we visited Popeye's 10 minutes before going to Dosa's for a quick appetizer before brunch, but I only ordered a kids meal. I think that's fair.

*The following photos were taken by my potential cousin and eternal roommate, Diane Valera, who is best known as the instrumentalist from the international super group Yonic Taco. I was going to play it off like I took these photos myself, but I don't do family dirty like that.

This is the Chicken Briyani from Dosa. Practically everything on the menu was vegetarian but thankfully, our waitress took note of our Popeye's bags and informed us of the chicken.

This is the coconut and tomato chutnies and sambar (lentil dipping soup) that were served with the dosas. As I do with most delicious sauces and condiments that I come across, I ended up inviting everyone in the restaurant to do chutney snooters off the bar top and was asked if I would come back every Friday night to host a weekly snoot-off in exchange for liquor. Okay fine, just kidding...a girl can dream.

The EGG DOSA with cheese. It's practically a savory crepe, only its much larger than your average crepe and can also double as a yoga mat.

This is the Dahi Batata Puri, which are hallow, crispy fried breads that are filled with yogurt, potatoes, mint, and tamarind chutney. Aren't they gorgeous? They explode in your mouth when you eat them (That's what she said.) and they are an experience in themselves. I wouldn't say that they were delicious, but I would tell someone to try it for the ball exploding sensation that takes place.

These are delicious chip things...they were fried, therefore they were good. Enough said.

So, after writing a Yelp review on this place, I'm not sure if I'm allowed back because I said that the birdseed type mixture that they offer people as a digestive/breath freshener tasted like, "rotten Jager" and that seemed to offend one of the owners. One of the owners of Dosa wrote me a very condescending message in response to my review and he didn't sound very thrilled about my views on their birdseed. This annoyed the shit out of me because I don't appreciate condescending messages in my Yelp mailbox from oversensitive Adnan Ghalib ( look-a-likes who cannot take criticism. I'm also very annoyed because I can't stop thinking about those deliciousass dosa's but I don't want my food to get farted on if I happen to go back. People, don't put your picture on your Yelp profile, especially if you're gonna insult a place that you plan on going back to. I learned that the hard way...

And finally...ANTHONY'S COOKIES. We went there during their grand opening and waited a good 30 minutes in line for cookies, but it was completely worth it. These are hands down, the best cookies I have ever had, especially the cookies and cream flavored one...Oreo cookie bits in a cookie is DELICIOUS and GENIUS. Shout out to Anthony for having brains AND beauty.

Clockwise to the left we have the toffee chip, chocolate chip, banana, and cookies and cream. They melt in your mouth ever so tenderly, full of flavor and unabashed sex appeal...CERTIFIED DIME PIECES in every sense of the word.

Again, thank you to Diane for the sensual must teach me your ways because I cannot stop staring at these damn pictures.


Ann said…
I love the Dosa.. Looks tempting! :)

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