I fuckin' want this more than anything. Can someone please buy me this? I wanna make a mound of pigs in a blanket and smother it with mustard and rub them all over my body.

Also, a word of caution...stay away from Hometown Buffet. I've never seen so many fat (and possibly infected) children running around, ruthlessly dipping their fingers in communal desserts. Imagine 8 year old boys the size of grown men who look like they had just face planted into a bowl of gravy and sprinkles, furiously jogging back and forth from the soft serve machine to their tables. Its just not sanitary or safe to be around such large children who have had that much sugar. Well, thats what I get for going to Hometown Buffet in the first place. If I happen to die from the ebola virus, then you might know where I contracted it.


I fucking hate fat children at Country Buffet. HATE. So I hear you. It's one thing to see fat adults. More power to them! But kids should be outside playing and running around like morons, not sitting inside eating and sleeping like domestic cats. It's ridiculous, and I blame their parents. Also, I think the pancake puffs might be genius.

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